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Other Academic Activities

Member of juries for scholarship to the USA and for Scientific Meetings. Fulbright Commission, Lisbon (1999- )

  • Member of juries for scholarship to the USA. Luso-American Foundation, Lisbon (2000- )
  • Scientific Consultant for Guideline Development, Brazilian Medical Association and Federal Council (2000-2005)
  • Member, National Council for Bioethics, Portugal (2003-7)
  • Member of the National Council for AIDS Prevention, Portugal (2003-5)
  • Member, Board of Directors, Association for Research and Development of the University of Lisbon Medical School (2004- )
  • Head, Department of Clinical Studies and Research and Commission for Public and Political Affairs, Portuguese Society of Nephrology (2004-6)
  • Expert Consultant, Portuguese Association for Bioethics (2005- )
  • Rater Consultant to the McMaster PLUS/PIER/EB Journals (2005- )
  • Member, National Council for Alternative Medicine (2005-6)
  • Member, National Council for Prevention in Cardiovascular Diseases (2004-6)
  • Head, National Council for Evidence in Medicine, Portuguese Medical Association (2005-2009)
  • External advisor, Accreditation Process for National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, NHS Evidence Service, United Kingdom (2009- )
  • Director, Portuguese Collaborating Center of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network (2011- )
  • Scientific consultant, Health Consumer Powerhouse (2011- 13)
  • President, Scientific Board of Univadis (2012- )
  • Partner, International Consortium on Health Outcomes Measurements (Harvard Business School, Karolinska Institute, Boston Consulting), (2012- )
  • Chair, Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Review Editorial Committee, Association for Medical Education in Europe (2013-2015)
  • Director, Cochrane Portugal (2015)